Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Workshop Opportunity in May

The Chestnut Group has a few spots left in this workshop.  It is now open to the public.

Plein Air Workshop with Bryan Mark Taylor, May 7-10

We are pleased and honored to offer this opportunity to learn from such a well-known and respected artist as Bryan Mark Taylor. “Painting the Essentials Plein Air Workshop” will take place May 7-10. This workshop will focus on landscape painting on location, strengthening compositions, seeing and simplifying shapes, identifying value planes, capturing light, understanding color harmony, creating texture, and developing personal expression. For more information about the artist please reference The fee is $550 and the number of students is 15.
To reserve your space in Bryan’s workshop, please contact Rachel Blair at 615-504-7201, or at

My friend Bryan Mark Taylor is such a great communicator and teacher.  So excited he is coming to teach for Chestnuts!  Join in if you can. – Lori Putnam
Bryan Mark Taylor

Friday, February 21, 2014

Mark Lague Workshop Opportunity

Opportunity!  The Chestnut Group has a few spots left for this Mark Lague workshop coming up.  Mark is an internationally known realist painter, with a very distinctive style of painting.  He is from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Mark Lague – April 1-4, 2014

“Connections: Dynamic Compositions Through Massing of Values”

Through massing of values, Mark will focus on teaching you to see in 2 values by using small black and white wash studies, to be used as road maps to simplify and consolidate values using color. Each day will begin with a demo followed by individual instruction. Also, throughout the day, Mark will demonstrate with quick studies. To learn more about the artist please visit The fee is $500 and the number of students is 15.

To register email Rachel Blair at
This painting by Mark Lague, "Along the Seine" was awarded Finalist
by judge Stephen Doherty in the January Raymar Fine Art Competition.
"Paris Traffic" - 24"x 16" - oil on panel                   "Notre Dame Basilica" - 60"x 48" - oil on canvas
Photo: "Notre Dame Basilica" - 60"x 48" - oil on canvas
             Photo: "Paris Traffic" - 24"x 16" - oil on panel                                             

Friday, March 22, 2013

Plein Air Workshop with Tiffany Foss

This will be a great workshop for anyone, but especially those beginner Plein Air painters.  Tiffany is going to be covering the "Basics" that so many of us struggled with when we began painting outside.   
Happy Painting!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Paint in East Nashville - Saturday

Saturday, November 10, 2012, 9:00 am - whenever! 
East Nashville - Between 11th & 12th and Russell & Holly
(Warm up first at Bongo Java - 107 11th) 

We've painted in East Nashville several times and it is always both challenging and delightfully fun.  The homes are grand and the churches are beautiful.  There are so many to pick from, we'll probably branch out in all directions.  This is a good starting point; from here you can walk or drive around to find your spot.  (Be smart though - either go in twos, keep another painter in sight or make sure you are in a very public place.)  

6th & Russell

Left, is Tulip St., United Methodist Church,
(There were several shots of this in the
last episode of "Nashville")

Holly at 12th
Russell St. (?)

Russell St. (?)
12th St. Between Russell & Holly

Will be a gorgeous day.  Come join us on the East side ...

Happy Painting!
Bitsy King

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